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Municipal Seal

Elements of the Official Municipal Seal:

  • Shield:  Derived from the provincial seal of Batangas where the town is located.
  • 1572:  Year when the town was founded.
  • Red, White & Blue Colors:  Represent the colors of the Philippine flag.
  • Basilica of Taal:  Signifies the Taaleños’ eternal Faith to the Almighty God and the Divine Providence; the epitome of the Taaleños’ belief in the Christian Faith, morality and truth.
  • Taal Volcano and Lake:  Imbues its deep historical and cultural connection to Taal Volcano.
  • Barong Tagalog:  Characterizes the Taaleños’ prominence, illustriousness and high degree of civility and eloquence.
  • Balisong:  Depicts the Taaleños hardwork, bravery and gallantry in defense for freedom, equality and sovereignty.
  • Forty-two (42) Leaves:  Represent people-empowerment, unity and cooperation of the forty-two barangays of the municipality.
  • Pillars:  Entrenched foundation sustaining the never-ending progress, stability and development of Taal and its people.