Corazon Apacible Cañiza

Taal has reason to be proud of her lady mayor, Corazon Apacible Cañisa, who, after a relatively short period of time in the service, has improved electrification and completed beautification projects to her credit.

A youthful sixty, the mayor can look behind her to a life selflessly involved in community activities. Witness to this contention are five donations: one made in 1962 and involving a two hectare lot in Calaca, Batangas, for the C alaca Elementary School playground; another made in 1967 involving one hectare of land in Barrio Matingain, Lemery, for the public school now known as Doña Matilde Memorial School; another one made in 1970 involving house and lot and all ancestral properties to the Batangas Memorial Foundation, Inc. for setting up the Taal Museum; still another donation made in the same year involving two hectares of land and a building worth P23,000.00 in Butong, Taal, Batangas, as Home for the Aged; and still another in 1971, involving two hectares of land again in Butong to the Bureau of Fisheries for the purpose of research on the propagation of all kinds of fisheries, the maliputoespecially, and other seafoods .

The mayor is the only daughter of the late Leon Apacible Jr., and Consolacion Noble. She is married to Rafael Cañisa, a lawyer who at one time was a judge in the Solicitor General’s Office.

She died peacefully on 21 July 2006 in her Antipolo home in Rizal.

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