Juliana Ylagan Orosa

“Rare breed of a mother” Juliana de Castro Ylagan married Simplicio Agoncillo Orosa, both of Taal. Left a widow after eight children at their tender ages, she supported her brood by tending a small store set up in Bauan. She reared them in religion, discipline, industry, modesty and love. So well did this widowed mother engender in her children ambition and perseverance thru those years of toil and hardship that proved the crowning glory read in the success of their children, For this reason she was chosen as “ Mother of the Year 1948” by the National Federation of Women’s Club.

Among her children, Vicente, Sixto, Maria and Jose stand above the others in that they are nationally known for the work they have done.

Although Bauan lays claim to the Orosas, in as much as they have lived most of their lives there, the Orosas continue to identify themselves as Taaleños for having all been born in Taal.