Vicente Noble

A name well known in political circles in the whole province of Batangas for more than a quarter of a century was that of Vicente Noble, son to Pascual Noble and Melchora Montenegro, of the legend-rich barrio of Caysasay in Taal, Batangas. He married Matilde Martinez, (widow of Don Leon Apacible) shortly after his graduation. He soon engaged in politics. He organized the Partido Noble and its leader, Ka Inte, as he was popularly called, provided the party with remarkable political acumen. In Taal, where the people young or old, used to be divided into two political parties which fought each other vigorously, Don Vicente held sway over his leaders like the landlord over his tenants.

In 1930, he was appointed governor of Batangas by the late President Quezon. He was elected for two terms until his voluntary retirement in 1939. In 1957, he was cajoled out of his retirement to serve in the Council of State under President Magsaysay.

Also a shrewd businessman, he engaged in the palay business and was able to establish his own rice mill, one among the first in Taal.

He died at a ripe old age of 82, leaving the party he had founded leaderless.

The Governor Vicente Noble Energen Center was inaugurated in Batangas to perpetuate his memory as a frugal governor who left thousands of pesos in the treasury coffers at the end of his term. The center sports a display of energy machines.