Local Products

Since the Spanish period, the people of Taal lived by farming and commerce. The main produce was sugar, which was made through the use of crude sugar mill called trapeche, cotton and cacao. Weaving and embroidery of piña barong and camisa were popular home industries. Later, local embroidery business expand products to include curtains, piano covers, pillow cases, table cloth, table napkins and bed covers all of which added luster to the fame already earned by Taal embroidery.

While shopping for Taal’s souvenirs and local products, visitors recognize the quality and reasonable price of the merchandise. Some of the products produced in the town are: Burdang Taal (embroidered cloth made out of pineapple fiber and other natural weaves),  balisong (fan knife) and and various food treats such as the panutsa (peanut brittle candy) and suman salehiya (sweet sticky rice).

These products are produced at the back-yards of homes with mastery and skill handed down through generations of experience and craftsmanship.

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