Food Treats

Taal is known for food products and sweets unique to the town. The panutsa, a peanut brittle candy is manufactured at Barangay Seiran. It comes in different sizes, most commonly in the size of an 8 inch plate.

The suman sa lihiya which is made of boiled sticky rice is a perfect merienda specially when eaten with tsokolate brewed from tableyang-taal, the distinct chocolate ball ground from cacao mixed with brown sugar.

Other delicious delicacies that can be bought from the Taal market are: tapang-taal, longganisa, luyang dilaw (turmeric/yellow ginger, which is the main ingredient for the famous adobong dilaw), and sumptuous kakanin like mais kalamay, nilupak, bibingkang kanin, puto, tinindag na saging, tinindag na tenga, pinindot, binalatungan, putong puti, bibingka and tamales .

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