Ylagan – Dela Rosa Residence

ylagan delarosa taal


Constructed in the early 1800’s, the house was home to the family of Don Julian Ylagan and Doña Dionisia Agoncillo-Ylagan. Don Julian Ylagan was a Presidencillo (equivalent to the present town mayor) during the Spanish era and married Dona Dionisia Agoncillo who was the sister of Don Francisco Agoncillo, the founder of Taal town/pueblo in its present site.

Don Julian Ylagan and Doña Dionisia Agoncillo-Ylagan had four Ylagan daughters who remained single and died one after another. Their paternal uncle, Don Mariano Ylagan had a daughter named Marcela by a woman surnamed Ilagan (with an ‘I’). The Ylagan sisters knew and recognized only Marcela as their closest relative (first cousin). As they remained single, they were taken cared of by Marcela’s four children-Felisa, Eugenia, Petronila and Mariano, the youngest. Actually, Marcela had nine children by her husband Martin Sagala Dela Rosa, son of Don Doroteo Dela Rosa.

The Ylagan family belongs to a wealthy clan of landlords with vast estates scattered in the different barrios of Taal and neighboring towns of Bauan, Alitagtag, Sta. Teresita, San Luis, Lemery and Calaca. The wealth of the Ylagan family passed on to the last daughter Maria Asuncion. Maria Asuncion had come to live with the dela Rosa in their own house(Casa dela Rosa) in the late 1950’s and while still alive caused her properties(including the Ylagan house) to be transferred to the Dela Rosa clan. Maria Asuncion Ylagan y Agoncillo died in 1964.

The house was abandon form 1950-1996. In 1996 the clan decided to sell the properties to Dr. Martin Dela Rosa. Restoration of the house began late 1996 and was completed May 1997. In 1998 National Historical Institute declared it as a “Heritage House

The present owner of the Ylagan-dela Rosa House is Dr. Martin J. dela Rosa II, grandson of Martin S. dela Rosa and Marcela I. Ylagan. To the clan, the Ylagan house is known as Bahay Silangan (East House) while the dela Rosa house (Casa dela Rosa) the Bahay Kanluran (West House).

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